RDNest IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are based on remote On-site HW devices and APP´s.  The HW design of these devices as well as its related embedded SW are proprietary developments of our company.

Our offer in the field of IoT is based on three proprietary elements:

  • RDMobile: A set of APPs for smartphones and tablets.
  • RDHubs: Two sets of low-power, low-cost hardware devices to collect environmental information, process it and transmit it for further analysis.
  • RDView: An online platform to process the collected information.

Different configurations allow the deployment of tailored solutions for specific sectors.

Different configurations allow the deployment of tailored solutions for specific sectors.

Our technology management platform: RDView

RDNest IoT solutions provide information through the RDView management platform that processes, stores and allows the visualization of the data obtained through the different equipments.

Main features:

  • Allows remote configuration of RDHubs and APPs.
  • Processes and stores all information in relational databases.
  • Process information to allow the deployment of solutions in vertical sectors (smart cities, Health…) to generate alarms and reports
  • Perform the calculations needed to give indoor positioning and tracking, thanks to the XtremeLoc solution (owned by RDNest).
  • Allows to show the information thanks to the use of a cloud-based service.
  • Allows access through mobile devices.
  • Allows the integration to other platforms to integrate information with other tools.

Our technology for indoor positioning: XtremeLoc

There exist several localization systems that target different problems, being in many cases complementary systems.

GPS is the best known. It has worldwide coverage, its infrastructure is based on a constellation of satellites and its use for civil applications is free. However, the GPS signal can not penetrate the walls of buildings. Another problem with GPS is that the receivers have important needs for energy consumption, which makes it impossible to locate assets or people autonomously. Finally, when the problem includes the location of a large number of devices, the cost of GPS-based equipment becomes prohibitive.

For indoor positioning, there are solutions based on the reception of the WiFi signal at access points installed throughout a building. However, the accuracy of this system is not very high (5 to 15 meters), and the considerations on cost and consumption made in the case of GPS-based solutions are still valid. However, this solution has some advantages in the case of locating SmartPhones users.

The location based on Bluetooth with low power budget (BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy), allows the location through the use of iBeacons as emitters. This solution allows to perform indoor positioning with greater precision than with WiFi technology (2-3 meters) and using location devices that uses 4-years battery, much more affordable than the solutions based on GPS or WiFi. The characteristics of the iBeacons allow this location solution to successfully compete with other technologies in restricted outdoor environments, when the cost requirements of devices or consumption are demanding.

Other location systems are based on RFID technology. Although in these cases the cost of the locating equipment is very low, the cost of the infrastructure to install (due to the short range of the transmission), means that it can only be used profitably in the control of entry or exit points.

XtremeLoc technology

XtremeLoc is the solution offered by RDNest to the problem of Indoor Positioning and Tracking, to be used in situations where GPS-based solutions are either not possible or not affordable.

Our offer in the field of indoor positioning is based on the use of transmitters and receivers.

  • Our solution uses low-power (4-years battery), small-sized (1.5 cm), low-cost transmitters, that can be carried by people or installed in equipments that the end-user want to be positioned.
  • A network of low-cost RDHub receivers, with extended connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, 4G, 433MHz-band…) carefully deployed in the space to be monitorized, allows the positioning of people and assets with a one-meter precision, the highest precision available nowadays.
  • Our RDView platform allows the positioning of each transmitter in the corresponding map in real time, together with the historical data stored by our servers. The same receivers deployment allow to complete this positioning information with environmental sensoring (CO2 levels, methane, temperature and humidity, existence of fire, etc). These features make our solution the best low-cost alternative for industry and health environments.