Solutions for specific sectors

5 January, 2017



  • Transport Management System Applications:
    • Precise Bus and subway cars positioning in stations, using Bluetooth beacons and RDHub receivers.
    • Management of historical occupation data in public transport, using anonymous Bluetooth and/or WiFi tracking of customer mobile phones.
    • Passenger location and guidance in train and bus stations.
  • Water management applications:
    • By installing RDHub equipments with different sensors and configurations.
    • Measurement and management of all kind of water-related infrastructures.
  • Remote control and map generations:
  • By adding different sensors to RDHubs deployed in public spaces.

Industry and civil engineering

  • Locating persons in emergency situations:
    • People are identified by a bluetooth Beacon integrated in vests, helmets or business cards.
    • It allows to ensure the total evacuation of an installation in case of emergency.
  • Locating assets in warehouses

    • Assigning a Bluetooth beacon in each device to be located.
  • Información de localización y Guiado a visitantes:
    • Using Bluetooth signals received by Smartphones for indoor positioning and guidance.

Health and hospitals

  • Locating persons, beds and assets in hospitals.
    • Adding a beacon to the identifier of each patient or to each of the beds and the necessary infrastructure in the hospital.
    • Providing information to family members about the location of the patient, if he is in the room, in the operating room and / or a test is being performed.
  • Assets localization and tracking in hospitals:
    • Adding a beacon to each locatable asset and the necessary infrastructure in the hospital.
    • It allows the location of different valuable devices inside the hospital, as well as the possible exit of these assets from the hospital.
  • Early positioning of critical assets in case of emergency.
  • Information of location and guiding of visitors.
    • Using the smartphones of the visitors as beacons, and using their Bluetooth signal and the installed infrastructure for other uses such as location of assets and people.
  • E-health solutions:
    • Making use of the RDHub elements as a communication platform and incorporating various sensors directly or connected through WI / FI or bluetooth.

Events and Shopping Centers

  • Information on the flow of visitors in thematic parks and shopping centers.

    • Performing the follow-up of the users through the signals of bluetooth and WI / FI of their Smartphones.
    • It allows to know the flows of people, and study the necessary changes to modify their behavior.
  • Location of children in large facilities:
    • Making use of beacons identifiers (reusable) for each child, and APPs that allows rapid localization.
  • Information of location and guided of visitors.
    • Using the smartphones of the visitors as beacons (and as a browser inside the facilities), and using their bluetooth or Wi / FI signal and the RDHubs infrastructure installed for other uses such as location of assets and people.

Waste management

  • Container filling sensors.
    • They can transmit the information through 3G / 4G, or through Bluetooth to equipment installed in the collection trucks.
    • Los sensores pueden tener batería y sistema de recarga solar (opcional)
    • Sensors can have battery and solar recharge system (optional)
  • Calculation of optimal collection routes.
  • Tools to help with task planning.